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Do you have difficulties with concentration? Then this is the perfect chance to train it, combining business with pleasure! Or, perhaps, you thinkthat you have the ideal concentration on earth? This game is a wonderful opportunity to test it! The principles of this mini-game are very easy: you want to keep a tab on the blue ball hidden beneath one of those glasses. In cases like this, the glasses will proceed to confuse you. Should you think that together with your concentration that this is going to be a piece of caketake your time! Throughout the motion of the ball around the screen you'll also see hot girls with huge nude boobs, who will playwith their boobs especially for you! Let's see if you can keep your focus at the ideal degree when performing this- try yourself, start the game! There are a lot of sexy women and boobs though, maybe you need to pay attention to them for once...

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The Agency

"The Agency" - this is another high quality game with a well-developed story and comfortable gameplay from your quest genre. You act as a man named Morgan - he is high class PR agent. Famous individuals, prestigious occupation, big money - that is his lifetime. He always works with wealthy people and celebrities that are willing to spend huge money on PR. This time Morgan will have yet another important deal with R'n'B singer Sasha, and you have to help him for it. The game combines the genres of a visual novel and pursuit - you have to walk around in areas, talking to figures and choosing replicas, in addition to performing activities and inspecting various things. The sport is accompanied by great music and beautiful 3d graphics, along with the port within this part has been improved. Plunge into the world of glamor and money with Morgan and finish the game!

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